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May 23, 2010

Defeating the Respondus LockDown Browser

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I suggest to institutions not to use Respondus. I also suggest if you work for the developer, you should pay me for the workaround this time because your code is lazy.

I have now found a couple more workarounds for this software, just for the record. Well, it’s more of a “Haha, fudge you,” to the developer.

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While installing software for the semester on my home computer, I found a way around the Respondus LockDown Browser. As I don’t natively run Windows on my machine, I was installing it on my guest Windows XP system. Therein lies the workaround.

The browser attempts to prevent the user from opening new windows and keep users from multitasking while taking a “secure” test online. When running Respondus on a virtualized system, the most the browser can do is prevent multitasking on the guest OS, which doesn’t matter when the host OS is capable of doing so.

Try VMWare, VirtualBox, or VirtualPC and install Windows, then install the browser within it. Then pass the knowledge onto teachers to let them know the program is useless unless it is installed on a standalone school PC.



I deleted the version of the Respondus Lockdown Browser that I had installed in XP inside of VirtualBox, and installed what they said was the ‘new’ version. Trying to run it did result in the message saying something along the lines of “Respondus cannot run in virtualization software such as VirtualPC, VMWare, or Parallels.”

That just tells me they added a function to test the virtual hardware to see if the program is running inside a virtual machine. All that tells me to do is think outside of the box.

If you can’t run an application, why not run a service? Install TightVNC and run a VNC viewer as a service. Then you would be able to connect to the computer that is taking a test and use the functionality of multitasking as well.

Then there is another way as well..

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