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December 4, 2010

Enabling Dual Monitors on an Acer Aspire X1700

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It took quite awhile to figure this one out. Now different people, at different places, told me different things about the abilities of the video card.

Some folks have said that when they bought the computer at Best Buy they were told the computer could support dual monitors, but when they got it home they weren’t able to get both to work. Other folks on the internet said it is possible, but nowhere could I find out how or why.

Now, when I bought the PC, it came with a PCI faceplate with a VGA connector on it, and a short ribbon cable on the other side with a plug. I didn’t understand why, since the model has a labeled non-functioning VGA port on it already. So what gives?

I looked into the video card more, and found some details at NVIDIA which state that the card is capable of dual monitors. The whole catch 22 is that you cannot have dual monitors when one of them is HDMI and the other is DVI. The only way you could have two monitors attached and functioning is if they are both VGA.

So I opened up the case of the computer and on the video card is two rows of six pins which match the end of the plug that came with the computer. I removed the PCI Modem (I doubt I would ever use it, but I’m bummed since I wanted to add a tv turner card there), and plugged the end of the ribbon cable to it. Carefully, I inserted the plate into the slot beneath the video card, and screwed it in securely. I say carefully since the cable was only long enough to sit the plate correctly. It’s a pretty tight connection.

Next I connected one monitor to the DVI to VGA adapter and another to the VGA connection I just installed. I fired up the computer and entered the NVIDIA control panel to detect the new monitor, and I set it to twinview, but it might be different in Windows. Looks great.

I hope this helps anyone else who has searched for a solution but found nothing!


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